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Plugins List

Plugin name Author (URL)
acDIVs Holger
advanced_search jerry
advancedform cmb
boilerplate cmb
browserupdate cmb
calendar svasti
chat cmb
cmsimplemobile jerry
coco cmb
codeeditor cmb
comments jerry
countdown jerry
dlcounter cmb
downloadcontrol svasti
editor_tab jerry
elfinder_xh utaka
expandcontract svasti
fa cmb
facebook cmb
feedview cmb
fhs_adminmenu frase
flexslider svasti
floating_blocks jerry
foldergallery cmb
forum cmb
fotorama cmb
googlemaps jerry
hi_admin frase
hi_backup Holger
hi_fancybox Holger
hi_kcfinder Holger
hi_updatecheck Holger
hoverbox knollsen
imgalbum jerry
imgcube jerry
imgflip jerry
imgrotator jerry
imgslider jerry
imgzoom cmb
jm_cookie_control maeg
jm_iframe maeg
jm_landingpage maeg
legendbox svasti
memberpages svasti
meta_tags_plus olape
minicounter cmb
monorder cmb
morepagedata svasti
news knollsen
newsletter jerry
newsrotator jerry
pagemanager cmb
pdfviewer jerry
pfw cmb
poll cmb
privacy cmb
quoteoftheday svasti
realblog cmb
recaptcha cmb
register cmb
remotecontent olape
seocheck olape
shariff olape
simpleplugins_xh utaka
sitemapper cmb
sitr tata
slideshow cmb
socialshareprivacy cmb
syntaxhighlighter cmb
tablesorter cmb
tabletool jerry
teaser svasti
themeswitcher cmb
tooltip jerry
translator cmb
twocents cmb
upload jerry
uploader cmb
video cmb
wdir knollsen
yanp cmb
youtube jerry

Newsbox News01

This box shows the content of  newsrotator.

Newsbox News02

This box shows the content of the hidden page "News02".

More information about newsboxes can be found here:

CMSimple_XH Wiki

Diese Box zeigt den Inhalt der versteckten Seite "News02".

Mehr Informationen zum Thema Newsboxen gibt es hier:

CMSimple_XH Wiki

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