Copy&paste the snippet you need.
  1. Always paste in source mode.
  2. If necessary and if defined in the stylesheet, you may add classes to each element directly in the texarea. After copy&paste you may need to refresh this file to remove your changes.

    <aside class="w50 h100 left silver"> <h4>Epcot Center</h4> <p class="note">The Epcot Center is a theme park in Disney World, Florida.<p> </aside>

  3. You may combine all combinable elements on the page.
  4. You may extend this file by any desired snippets. Use the commented muster on the end of this file.

<article> Defines an article in a document

<aside> Defines content aside from the page content

<bdi> Isolates a part of text that might be formatted in a different direction from other text outside it

<dialog> Defines a dialog box or window

Note: The dialog tag is not supported in Edge/Internet Explorer.

<figcaption> Defines a caption for a <figure> element

<figure> Defines self-contained content

<footer> Defines a footer for a document or section

<header> Defines a header for a document or section

<main> Defines the main content of a document

<mark> Defines marked/highlighted text

<meter> Defines a scalar measurement within a known range (a gauge)

<nav> Defines navigation links

<progress> Represents the progress of a task

<rp> Defines what to show in browsers that do not support ruby annotations

<rt> Defines an explanation/pronunciation of characters (for East Asian typography)

<section> Defines a section in a document

<summary> Defines a visible heading for a <details> element

<time> Defines a date/time

<wbr> Defines a possible line-break

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